Call for Chapter Proposals: Advances of Artificial Intelligence In a Green Energy Environment

Editor’s: Pandian Vasant, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, J. Joshua Thomas, Elias Munapo

Scope of the Book:
The new technologies in intelligent computing and artificial intelligence have reduced the dimension of data coverage worldwide. Thus, the recent inventions in Optimization, Computing, and Simulation have inched towards reducing the gaps, and coverage of domains globally. The digging of information in a large data, and the soft-computing techniques have contributed a strength in prediction, analysis, and decision potentials in the niche areas such as Business Information Systems, Communication Net- works, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Signals & Communication, Computational Intelligence, Technology, Management, Social Computing, Green Computing, Big Data Analysis, IoT, Cloud Com- puting, Block Chain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, and Telecommunication etc. Nurturing the re- search in Technology and Computing are evident that finding a right pattern in the ocean of data.

Recommended Topics:
This handbook describes intelligent optimization algorithms that can be applied in various branches of science, engineering, finance, business and economics where uncertainty is a major problem. The topics include an artificial intelligence methodology using an en- hanced hybrid swarm-based optimization algorithm, applying advanced evolutionary al- gorithms to real world application problems for everyday life applications, and more.

Format for Deliverables:
Approximately 123,000 words. (20 pages)
Not including text or pages for preface, tables of con- tents, bibliography. A printed page contains approxi- mately: – 410 words of text, – 4 figures, – 20 references.

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Important Dates
Full Chapter Deadline: 4th March 2021
Full Chapters Review Due: 10th May 2021
Final Submission Date: 17th May 2021

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