A vote on the application for IFORS membership of the Tunisian Operational Research Society (TORS)

IFORS BY LAWS Requirement For Membership
Relevant Provisions of the Tunisian Operational Research Society (TORS)
A society applying for membership in the Federation shall provide the Secretary with a copy of its constitution or charter and its bylaws. If the following matters are not stated explicitly in them, the society shall provide the Secretary with a statement giving:
1. The objectives of the society;
This society aims to share, exchange knowledge and promote theoretical developments and applications in the operational research field in Tunisia. This is performed by:

• Supporting education, training, research and practices in this field.

• Organizing conferences and workshops in national and international levels to enhance and promote the exchange of knowledge, the collaborations and the interactions between researchers and industrials.

• Establishing and maintaining scientific cooperation with national and international institutions and other operational research societies.

• Providing professional consultancy services to decision makers in industry and administrative fields.

2. Confirmation that membership in the society is based on such scientific and professional qualifications as it has laid down, and that membership and its privileges are in no way restricted by race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or political preference;
Members are required to:

• Accept the statute of the Association.

• Have at least master degree in any discipline from recognized university and also be involved in studying, teaching, research or consultancy in the operational research field.

• Have an interest in Operational Research.

• Not disqualified by any law.

• Not having any discrimination to obtain the organization membership according to race, color, national origin, caste, religion, sex and political views.

Disqualification of member

Loses from membership:

• Who presents his resignation to the President of TORS.

• Convicted by the court on morally turpitude criminal offence.

• Disqualified by any law.

3. The names and addresses of the officers and the persons composing the governing body together with their tenures;
Executive Members

1. Dr. Youssef Masmoudi , President
Tel: +216 23 269 550
E-mail: youssef.mamsmoudi@gmail.com
Address: Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Sfax, Route de l’aéroport Km 4 B.P.
1081 – Sfax 3018, Tunisia.

2. Dr. Souhail Dhouib,Vice-President
Tel: +216 22 245 266
E-mail: souhail.dhouib@gmail.com
Address: Route Kaid Mhamed Km 1,5 rue 4047 Num 12 Sfax 3002, Tunisia.

3. Dr. Sabeur El Kosantini, General Secretary
Tel: +216 23 371 349
E-mail: sabeur.elkosantini@isima.rnu.tn
Address: B.P. 86, Sakiet Ezzit, Sfax 3021, Tunisia.

4. Dr. Walid Besbes, Vice-General Secretary
Tel: +216 21 291 867
E-mail: walid.besbes@gmail.com
Address: B.P. 177, 3062 Sidi Abbès, Sfax, Tunisia.

5. Dr. Mahdi Khemakhem, Treasurer
Tel: +216 98 280 340
E-mail: mahdi.khemakhem@gmail.com
Address: 07 rue Ali Bach Hamba, 3000 Sfax, Tunisia.

6. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Boujelbene, Vice-Treasurer
Tel: +216 28 680 980
E-mail: ayman_boujelben@yahoo.fr
Address: Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Sfax, Route Sidi Mansour
Km 10 B.P 43 – Sfax 3061, Tunisia.

Governing body

• The Executive Committee is composed of six members elected from the general meeting for a period of two years and no more than two consecutive terms. It consists of the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Vice- General Secretary, the Treasurer and the Vice-Treasurer.

• Full members shall have the right to vote and to stand for and be elected to the

Executive Committee

• The tenure of the executive committee shall be of two years.

• In case of vacancy of the president post, because of resignation or any other reason, the vacant post shall be fulfilled by the vice-president till the next general meeting.

• A person who is member continuously at least for two years can only be the candidate of president.

• Founder chairman shall be the honorary chairman of the organization.

4. The procedures for electing officers and members of the governing body;
Election of Executive Committee

• The Executive Committee shall constitute an Election Committee that determines the election procedure.

• Members present at the Annual General Meeting shall elect, by secret ballot, Executive Committee members under the supervision of the Election Committee.

• The Election Committee will be automatically dissolved after the completion of the election.

5. The qualifications for membership, the dues, entrance fees, and any other details affecting membership; and
For Qualifications, please see line #2
Classification of Membership:

There shall be the following membership grades:

• Full membership: 30 Tunisian Dinars (20 US dollars)

• Student Membership: 15 Tunisian Dinars (10 US dollars)

• Honorary Membership: Honorary membership of the TORS may be awarded to the member providing special contribution to the organization.

6. Provisions for meetings and publications
No information given.
B. A society may apply for Membership in the Federation only if no Member already exists in its country. This provision does not apply to Kindred Societies or to Kindred Society membership in various countries.
IFORS Comment: The Tunisian Management Science Society joined IFORS in 2005. Due to inactivity, their membership was dropped in 2011.