IFORS Triennial Conferences

Important Advisory:

With regret, we announce that the IFORS2020 conference scheduled in Seoul in June 21-26 will not be held,

due to the COVID-19 emergency.

We are examining options for holding this event in the future.

Hope to see you at a later date!

Click the conference year or city to download the complete program in PDF format:

  year City Country Chairperson Organizing Committee
Chairperson Programme Committee
23 2023 Santiago Chile TBA TBA
22 2020 Seoul South Korea Suk-Gwon Chang (South Korea) Natashia Boland (USA)
21 2017 Quebec City Canada Irène Abi-Zeid (Canada) M. Grazia Speranza (Italy)
20 2014 Barcelona Spain Elena Fernández (Spain) Stefan Nickel (Germany)
19 2011 Melbourne Australia Dr Patrick Tobin (Australia) Prof. Janny M.Y. Leung (Hong Kong)
18 2008 Sandton South-Africa Hans W. Ittmann (South Africa) John J. Bartholdi III (USA)
17 2005 Hawaii US Jeffrey L. Arthur (USA) Martine Labbé (Belgium)
16 2002 Edinburgh UK Lyn Thomas (UK) Benjamin Lev (USA)
15 1999 Beijing China Xiang-Sun Zhang (China) Paolo Toth (Italy)
14 1996 Vancouver Canada Drew Parker (Canada) Theodor Stewart (South Africa)
13 1993 Lisbon Portugal Jose Dias Coelho (Portugal) Saul Gass (USA)
12 1990 Athens Greece Nicholas Blesseos (Greece) Graham Rand (UK)
11 1987 Buenos Aires Argentina Alejandro Oliveros (Argentina) Michael Thomas (USA)
10 1984 Washington DC USA Donald Gross (USA) Paul Belshaw (Canada)
9 1981 Hamburg Germany Dieter Pressmar (Germany) Marc Roubens (Belgium)
8 1978 Toronto Canada John Gratwick (Canada) Fred Ridgway (Ireland)
7 1975 Tokyo/Kyoto Japan S. Moriguti (Japan) Roger Collcutt (UK), J. Kondo (Japan)
6 1972 Dublin Ireland Fred Ridgway (Ireland) Heiner Muller-Merbach (Germany)
5 1969 Venice Italy Mario Volpato (Italy) Pat Rivett (UK)
4 1966 Boston US William Marcuse (USA) Martin Ernst (USA)
3 1963 Oslo Norway Mr Falch (Norway) Germain Kreweras (France)
2 1960 Aix-en-Provence France P. Tabatoni (France) Pat Rivett (UK)
1 1957 Oxford UK Charles Goodeve (UK) Charles Goodeve (UK), Thornton Page (USA)