IFORS sponsorship of Early Stage Researchers with EURO and ELAVIO

Believing that OR professionals in the early stage of their careers should be supported, IFORS agrees to support early stage researchers in the EURO and ELAVIO Winter/Summer Institutes. The aim of this cooperation is to reinforce the relationships between EURO, ALIO and IFORS.

IFORS will provide reimbursement of some travel expenses to selected scholars with preference given to scholars from developing countries. 

Current calls for Candidates:

**** Call for Applications for EURO Summer Institute on “Decision-Making UnderUncertainty for Commodities and Financial Markets” in Forio d’Ischia (Na),Italy, September 15-25, 2024

Previous calls for Candidates:

– CPAIOR 2024 Call for Scholarship Applications

Call for Applications for IFORS Scholars to attend the EURO Summer Institute on “Location Science” in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, June 11-24, 2022

– Call for Participation in ELAVIO XXIII, Lleida, Spain July 1-5, 2019

– Call for IFORS Scholars – ELAVIO 2018

– Call for Applications for IFORS-EURO Scholar to the EURO Winter Institute in Italy

– Call for IFORS Scholars – ELAVIO 2017

– ELAVIO 2016 Scholars Selected

 IFORS- ALIO Scholar to the ELAVIO in Quito, Ecuador

– IFORS-EURO Scholar to the EURO Summer Institute in Hungary

– IFORS/EURO Exchange of Young Researchers Program (ELAVIO 2014)

– Search for a Scholar to the ALIO Summer School (ELAVIO 2014)

– IFORS/EURO Exchange of Young Researchers Program

– Search for the XVII ELAVIO Summer Institute IFORS Fellow

– Search for IFORS- EURO scholars to join the EURO Summer Institute (ESI) on “Cutting and Packing (ESI 2012-CP)” to be held in Porto, Portugal July 16 – 27, 2012

– Search for IFORS EURO Scholars ESI 2012: EURO Summer Institute on “Maritime Logistics” Bremen, Germany June 3 – 15, 2012

– Search for the XVI ELAVIO Summer Institute IFORS Fellow