Call for Papers


  • OR approaches dedicated to routing problems in the Internet
  • Special issue on cutting, packing and related problems
  • Special issue on block action methods in nonlinear programming and feasibility
  • Other
    Let us know well in advance of any special issues of journals and conferences seeking full papers – both refereed and unrefereed

  • Risk Control in Revenue Management: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Perspectives

    International Journal of Revenue Management (IJRM)

  • Design and Evaluation of Road Network Pricing

    Springer Journal NETNOMICS

  • Transportation, Logistics and the Environment

    Journal of the Operational Research Society

  • Special Issue on Artificial Immune Systems

    Evolutionary Intelligence

  • Modelling and simulation of new business models

    International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling

  • Inaugural Issue

    International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM)

  • Evolutionary Algorithms based on Probabilistic Models

    IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation

  • Information Assurance and Security

    Handbook published by Idea Publishing Group