Member Society Name: German Society of Operations Research (GOR)

Mailing Address: Ruhr University Bochum Fac. of Management and Economics Prof. Dr. B. Werners

Universitätsstr. 150 44780 Bochum Germany

Contact Number: +49 234 32 28311

URL / Website:

President: Prof. Dr. Alf Kimms

Secretary: Heika Straeten

Treasurer: Dr. Ulrich Dorndorf

Representative: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Werners

Profile: GOR is a non-profit society founded in 1998 by merger of the German Society for Operations Research (DGOR) and the Society for Mathematics, Economics and Operations Research (GMÖOR). Its main task is to promote the dissemination and use of Operations Research in science and practice. This is primarily done with the help of specialized publications, conferences, working groups and through the support of scientific talents. With more than 1200 members and several meetings and conferences each year the society is very active.

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