Member Society Name: Society of Operations Researchers of Serbia

Mailing Address: Mihailo Pupin Institute, Volgina Str 15, Balgrade 11060, Serbia

Contact Number: +381 11 2771 398

President: Dr. Dragan Radojevic

Secretary: Prof Slobodan Guberinic

Treasurer: Dragan Radojevic

Representative: Vladan Batanovic

Profile: Laboratory for operating research with the improvement of management models and methods of operational research in various fields and has the packets of cash for his support. Laboratory has the appropriate computer equipment that allows support for education at all levels of study and organize scientific-research work. Some of the activities of the laboratory Simpozijuma for operating the research (SYM-OP-IS), and coordination of the more than 20 faculties, institutes and scientific institutions that issue the journal in English under the name of Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research (YUJOR).

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