Member Society Name: Tunisian Operational Research Society (TORS)

Mailing Address: Institut International de Technologie, Cité El Ons Km 11, Route de Tunis, Technopole – Sfax – Tunisia

Contact Number: +216 23 269 550 / +216 74 861 682

URL / Website: http://www.tors-tn.org

President: Taicir Moalla Loukil

Vice President: Khalil Chebil

General Secretary: Diala  dhouib Karray

Vice General Secretary: Mayssa Koubaa Ammar

Treasurer: Mohamed Haykal Ammar

Vice Treasurer: Salma Mezghani

Profile:  The Tunisian Operational Research Society (TORS) was accepted into IFORS last November 2014. It was officially recognized in Tunisia in May 2013.

TORS aims to share, exchange knowledge and promote theoretical developments and applications in the operational research field in Tunisia. This is performed by:

– Supporting education, training, research and practices in this field.

– Organising conferences and workshops in national and international levels to enhance and promote the exchange of knowledge, the collaborations and the interactions between researchers and industrials.

– Establishing and maintaining scientific cooperation with national and international institutions and other operational research societies.

– Providing professional consultancy services to decision makers in industry and administrative fields.

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