12th Triennial APORS Conference on 2021

Purpose of the APORS Triennial Conference
The purpose of the Triennial Conference is to:
– provide a means for exchange of information on Operational Research between nations;
– encourage the establishment of national Operational Research societies within the region;
– provide, on a rotating basis, exposure to APORS of the countries constituting it; and
– promote the development of specific parts of Operational Research, for example, to ensure a balance or to open up new fields

Preparing a Proposal to Host the APORS Conference
Written proposals for undertaking the APORS Triennial Conference must be received by the APORS Secretary by July 1, 2018 submitted to secretariat@apors2018-nepal.org. No proposal will be accepted from a Society whose annual IFORS membership fees for any of the current and prior two years are unpaid.

The proposal to become a Host Society must include the following information (if any of these items of information are missing, the proposal will automatically be rejected):
a. Identify alternative sites for the meeting in the host country, the respective advantages, facilities, and accommodations at these sites, including meeting rooms and living quarters, typical room rates at the conference hotel, and availability of nearby low-cost housing for student attendees. Propose an approximate date for the conference.
b. Identify members and backgrounds of members of the Local Organizing Committee who will have responsibility for planning and managing the conference.
c. Include a rough draft budget, identifying the proposed conference fees.
d. Governmental approval required for any aspect of the conference, if any, must be obtained in writing from the appropriate governmental authority and submitted to APORS when submitting a bid.
e. Agreement to provide, at the minimum, complimentary registration to be extended to the official representatives of the APORS member societies.
f. Reasons for holding an International Conference in the particular country in the light of the purpose of the APORS Triennial Conference, specified above.

Selecting a Host Society
The APORS Executive Committee will review all submitted proposals and will determine which of the proposals meet the requirements set out above and also appear to have an organizational structure in place that is capable of bringing about a successful conference. In addition, the Committee, when reviewing proposals, considers the location of prior conferences and tries to vary locations to assure diversity. The accepted proposals will be voted on by the Executive Committee. In case of ties on the first ballot, a second vote will be taken between the top two candidate societies. Conference preparations may start immediately after written notification of selection.