Call for Full Chapters: Smart Green Energy Production

Final Acceptance Notification: 12th December 2022
Final Chapter Submission: 22nd December 2022 (Submit to Publisher)

The book edited by:
Dr. Pandian Vasant (MERLIN Research Centre, TDTU, HCMC, Vietnam),
AP. Dr. J. Joshua Thomas (UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, Malaysia)
Prof. Dr. Roman Rodríguez Aguilar (Panamerican University, Mexico)
Professor Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Poznań University of Technology, Poland),

Smart Green Energy Production provides details insight on current approaches used in the research and development of cutting-edge technology for sustainable energy production. The book gives in-depth background on innovation, creation and original implementation, concentrating on energy crisis management and CO2management sectors such as planning, information, sources, greenhouse gas, carbon emissions, renewable energy, bio-energy and effect of climate change. The book discusses topics such as new and holistic improvements in intelligent algorithms and demonstrates the implementation of sustainable computational intelligence techniques to mitigate unpredictable natural and human-made problems. The book will aid the readers to solve real-world problems effectively using the appropriate techniques from the present and emerging fields, including hybrid quantum computing, swarm intelligence, and innovative optimization.

Smart Green Energy Production aims to be an important reference source for practitioners, managers, IT experts, data scientists, researchers, academicians, natural scientist, applied mathematicians, statisticians, and post-graduates seeking recent advancements in green energy production and management and their corresponding application in the real world.

Policy makers, Governmental officer, Ministers, Directors, General managers, Chief executive officers, Professors of colleges and universities, People associated with research and development, Research scholars such as senior research fellows, post-doctoral fellow, junior research fellows, and PhD students, UG and PG students, Decision makers, and Business leaders.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
Meta-heuristics algorithms, Optimization, Optimal control and Stochastic optimal control, Evolutionary algorithms, Classical optimization techniques, Hybrid algorithm, Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems, Artificial neural network, Fuzzy logic, Health Economics, Implementation in business and Industries, Operational research, Quantum computing strategies, Business analytics, Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, Data science and technology, Artificial intelligence, Swarm intelligence, Renewable energy, Smart agriculture, CO2 emission management, Nature inspired algorithms, Resource management and allocation, Data mining, RFM optimization model, Models related to logistics and production, Computational economics, Computational finance, Marketing models, Data warehousing.

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Full Chapter Submission: 24 Sep 2022
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Final Acceptance Notification: 12 December 2022
Final Chapter Submission: 22 December 2022 (Submit to Publisher)

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