First International Conference on Business, X-Events and Analytics

Date: November 23-24, 2017
Venue: Vienna, Austria

The Conference as one of the first extreme events (X-Events) and analytics conferences in the world will establish an international cooperative relation among professionals and scientists from all over the world. The Conference has a humble mission of bridging on the basis of diffusing and exchanging of knowledge in business, X-Events and analytics in its capacity.

Many professionals and researchers in business, economics, engineering, mathematics, statistics, biology, medicine, logistics, management sciences and all other related fields might attend the Conference.

The scientific theme and the program of the conference will include sessions with invited and contributed talks as well as poster presentations from all over the world exhibiting a broad range of topics.

There will be virtual sessions within the Conference so that scientists may attend from all over the world.
Conference Chair:
– John L. Casti

Conference Website: