Memorial Issue in Honor of Professor Miroljub Kljajić of Organizacija (Journal of Management, Information Systems and Human Resources)

In December 2016 we lost, way too soon, Professor Emeritus D.Sc. Miroljub Kljajić, our dear friend, father, colleague and mentor. To acknowledge his significant contributions in the field of Organizational Sciences, Cybernetics, Simulation, Decision Support and Education, we would like to invite authors working in the fields of Organizational Sciences, Cybernetics, Simulation and Decision Support to contribute their papers for the Memorial Issue of Organizacija journal in Honor of Professor Miroljub Kljajić.

At Baden-Baden, the traditional symposiums Simulation Based Decision Support were organized and chaired by Professor Miroljub Kljajić from the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Selected papers were published in the journal Organizacija (, where Professor Kljajić was a very active member of the editorial board. He left us a flourishing research garden to be attended and cared for, a group of senior colleagues and junior researchers to further develop his noble ideas. It is our intention to prepare the Memorial Issue in the spirit of Baden-Baden conferences, to further promote the research efforts in mentioned fields.

Simulation Based Decision Support refers to the research stream originating from cybernetics where systems can be efficiently managed by information, both feedback and feedforward. Organizational systems, inherently being complex in its nature, comprising of people, processes and technology, are the main focus of proposed thematic issue. During the past decades it has attracted scholars from all over the globe and from various fields of study, like Mathematics, Organizational sciences, Computer Science, Information Systems, Operational Research, etc.

You are cordially invited to submit an original research paper, that will undergo a double blind review and will be published in the journal Organizacija. Submission deadline is April 15th 2017. Thematic issue will be published at end of August 2017.

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