Member Society Name: Dutch Society for Operations Research

Mailing Address: Netherlands Defence Academy, Het Nieuwe Diep 8, 1781 AC Den Helder,

The Netherlands

Contact Number: +31 (0)223657465

President: Albert Wagelmans

Secretary: Martijin van Ee

Treasurer: Erik van der Sluis

Representative: Martijin van Ee

Profile: The NGB is a professional association for people who deal with “Decision Making”. The Decision Making (also known as Operations Research and Management Science), concerns all (mathematical) methods and techniques required to processes within the business community and non-profit organizations to further improve or optimize. Some Decide suitably mainly interested in the mathematical theory, others mainly in the applications or a combination of theory and applications. The NGB is there for everyone!(Profile excerpt taken from the society website and translated using a language translation software.)

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