ORM 2018

Date: October 22-27, 2018
Venue: Moscow, Russia

We invite you to attend the 9th Moscow International Conference on Operations Research. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of RAS (FRC CSC RAS), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Institute of Control Sciences (ICS RAS) and Russian Operational Research Society (RuORS) organize the conference in honor of the Professor Ju. B. Germeyer’s 100th birth anniversary. The conference will bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss theoretical aspects and various applications of operations research. Working languages of the conference are English and Russian.

Traditional topics of the conference include:
– Optimization methods;
– Multiple objective decision making;
– OR in economics;
– Hierarchical games;
– OR in military science;
– OR in finance, banking, insurance and risk-management;
– OR in medicine, biology and ecology;
– Computer-aided design;
– Game-theoretic models;
– Analysis of political processes and corruption;
– Markets and auctions: analysis and design;
– Models for congested traffic.

We invite interested persons to submit proposals on organization of special sections and round tables till December 20, 2017.

Program Committee
Chair: I.G. Pospelov (FRC CSC RAS); F.T. Aleskerov (HSE), V.N. Burkov (ICP), Yu.G. Evtushenko (FRC CSC RAS), A. Fischer (Technische Universität Dresden), V.A. Gorelik (FRC CSC RAS), V.A. Gurvich (Rutgers University and HSE), A.F. Izmailov (MSU), M. Jacimovic (University of Montenegro), V.V. Mazalov (IAMR, Kar. SC RAS), N.M. Novikova (FRC CSC RAS), Yu.N. Pavlovsky (FRC CSC RAS), G.I. Savin (Joint Supercomputer Center of RAS), A.A. Shananin (MIPT), I.A. Sokolov (FRC CSC RAS), A.A. Vasin (MSU), G.-W.Weber (Poznan University of Technology).

Organizing Committee
Yu.A. Flerov (co-chair, FRC CSC RAS), A.A. Vasin (co-chair, MSU), A.A. Belolipetskiy (FRC CSC RAS), D.V. Denisov (MSU), F.I. Ereshko (FRC CSC RAS), A.V. Gasnikov (MIPT), V.A. Gorelik (FRC CSC RAS), M.A. Gorelov (FRC CSC RAS), A.F. Izmailov (MSU), N.S. Kukushkin, A.V. Lotov, Yu.E. Malashenko, I.S. Menshikov (all – FRC CSC RAS), E.I. Moiseev (MSU), E.Z. Mokhonko (FRC CSC RAS), V.V. Morozov (MSU), N.M. Novikova (FRC CSC RAS), I.I. Pospelova (MSU), I.A. Sokolov (FRC CSC RAS).

Conference Secretaries: Felix Kostjuk (FRC CSC RAS) and Julija Guseva (MSU).

Abstract submission and registration issues will be covered in our following announcement soon.

Contact: ORM_2018@mail.ru