Pre-conference negotiating text for UNCTAD 14 is now available

Date: July 17-22, 2016
Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

The pre-conference negotiating text is now available

The Chair of the Preparatory Committee, His Excellency Ambassador Alberto Pedro D’Alotto, presented the pre-conference negotiating text of UNCTAD XIV on 12 February, at the third meeting of the Preparatory Committee.

The Chair announced that the first reading of the text, with comments from member States, will take place at the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee, on Monday, 14 March.

Download the text

Civil society hearings with the Preparatory Committee

As part of the debates of the Intergovernmental Preparatory Committee (IPC) for UNCTAD 14, member States have decided to hold two preparatory hearings with civil society and the private sector.

The hearings will provide participating organizations the opportunity to contribute to the preparatory process for UNCTAD 14 and comment on the pre-conference negotiating text, and to discuss with member States issues relevant to the theme and sub-themes of UNCTAD 14.

How to participate in the hearings

Civil society organizations having observer status with UNCTAD, and those accredited to UNCTAD 14, are encouraged to participate in the hearings and to submit written inputs to the UNCTAD secretariat for the consideration of member States.

The preparatory hearings will take place on 6 April and 26 May at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Apply for accreditation to UNCTAD 14
Deadline is 30 April 2016

Civil society organizations (CSOs) interested in attending and contributing to the UNCTAD 14 preparatory hearings, the Civil Society Forum, and the public meetings and debates at UNCTAD 14 are invited to follow the steps below:

1. CSOs that have observer status with UNCTAD

These organizations are requested to send an official letter expressing their interest to attend UNCTAD 14 and designating their representatives for the preparatory meetings and the Conference. Please provide the professional title and full contact information for each representative.

The letter should be on official letterhead and signed by the Head of the organization. Download the list of NGOs and IGOs with observer status.

2. CSOs that do not have observer status but WERE previously accredited to UNCTAD 13 (Doha, Qatar, 2012)

These organizations are required to apply for accreditation to UNCTAD XIV by completing the attached form (also available in French and Spanish).

Download the list of CSOs that were accredited to UNCTAD 13.

3. CSOs that do not have observer status and WERE NOT accredited to UNCTAD 13 (Doha, Qatar, 2012)

These organizations are required to apply for accreditation by completing the attached form (also available in French and Spanish) and sending it with the required supporting documentation.

We invite you to share this information with your network of civil society organizations.

More information about UNCTAD 14 is available at

Do not hesitate to contact us at for additional information on UNCTAD 14 and its preparatory process.

Civil Society Forum at UNCTAD 14

A Civil Society Forum will be organized from 14 to 21 July 2016, as part of the official programme of UNCTAD 14.

Plenary (14-16 July 2016)

The plenary sessions of the Civil Society Forum will precede the official opening of UNCTAD 14 to provide an opportunity for representatives of participating organizations to discuss and share their views on issues related to the Conference agenda, build consensus and finalize a Civil Society Declaration, which will be presented at the opening plenary of UNCTAD 14.

Continuation of the forum (18-21 July 2016)

The Civil Society Forum will continue its activities in parallel to the Conference. To bring forward the views of their constituencies to the debate on delivering the post-2015 development agenda, representatives from civil society will contribute to the opening and closing plenaries of UNCTAD 14, as well as the round tables and thematic sessions.

Participating organizations will also have the opportunity to organize workshops, seminars and other events on issues related to the theme and sub-themes of UNCTAD 14, and to promote the activities of their organizations to the media and policymakers.