Special issue on “Metaheuristics”

Guest Editors

Andres L. Medaglia, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia / HEC Montre ́al, Canada
Jorge E. Mendoza, HEC Montre ́al, Canada
Celso Ribeiro, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Ruben Ruiz, Universitat Polite`cnica de Vale`ncia, Spain
Juan G. Villegas, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

The Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC) series was established in 1995 and the one in Cartagena (Colombia) in 2019 is its thirteenth edition. MIC is the main event focused on progress in the area of metaheuristics and their applications. This special issue of International Transactions in Operational Research (ITOR) will be dedicated primarily to extended versions of papers presented at the 13th Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC 2019) (https://mic2019.uniandes.edu.co/). However, submissions will also be open to the entire metaheuristics community of academicians and practitioners.

Papers covering all aspects of metaheuristic research and applications are welcome, including (but not limited to):
* New algorithmic developments and hybrid metaheuristics.
* Industrial applications, and challenging new problems arising in the fields of big data, machine learning, analytics, bioinformatics, transportation and logistics, just to cite a few.
* New research challenges, theoretical developments, implementation issues, in-depth experimental r studies.
* The interface of metaheuristics with other disciplines, such as agent-based models, integer pro- gramming (matheuristics), constraint programming, and machine learning, among others.

An important note concerns submissions on metaphor-inspired metaheuristics. Although the past has shown that nature can be a rich source of inspiration for algorithms in optimization and control, recent years have witnessed the abuse of drawing inspiration from natural phenomena or man-made processes. We require that algorithms (other than well-established ones such as evolutionary algo- rithms) must be described in metaphor-free language. This facilitates their conceptual comparison to existing algorithms. Moreover, it facilitates highlighting the algorithmic contributions to the literature. Papers on such algorithms will only be published if the evidence provided gives very good reasons to do so.

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2020. Although we strongly encourage au- thors who attended the 13th Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC 2019), held in Cartagena (Colombia) on July 28–31, 2019, this Call for Papers is also open and wel- comes submissions from the entire community of academics and practitioners. Each paper will be peer-reviewed according to the editorial policy of ITOR, published by the Interna- tional Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). Papers should be original, un- published, and not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. They should be prepared according to the instructions to authors that can be found on the journal homepage (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/14753995/homepage/forauthors.html). Authors should upload their contributions using the submission site http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/itor, indicating in their cover letter that the paper is intended for this special issue.

Other inquiries should be sent directly to any of the Guest Editors in charge of this issue: Andre ́s L. Medaglia (amedagli@uniandes.edu.co), Jorge E. Mendoza (jorge.mendoza@hec.ca), Celso C . Ribeiro ( celso@ic.uff.br) , Ruben Ruiz ( rruiz@eio.upv.es) , Juan G. Villegas (juan.villegas@udea.edu.co).