XV ELAVIO (Escuela Latina Americana de Verano en Investigación Operativa)

The XV ELAVIO will be in August from 2nd to 6th, 2010 on Luis Pimenta Cine Theater, at Pacoti/CE county (Guaramiranga Sierra). The event is being organized by State University of Ceara (Professional Master in Applied Computing UECE-IFECT/CE, UECE Academic Master in Computer Science), Federal University of Ceara (Statistics and Applied Mathematics Department), Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Production Department), and Federal University of Alagoas (Master in Computational Knowledge Modeling).

The ELAVIO are mainly directed to young researchers and graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) from Latin American countries, also to representative students from Europe, Canada and emerging countries. In specific occasions, some vacancies are destined to very high yield students with investigative experience on Operations Research subject.
The main purposes of this School are:

  1. Presenting the Operation Research to scholars, young researchers and senior researchers as a Pure Science;
  2. Promoting an updated panorama of some top subjects to newly-graduate or graduating investigators from Latin American region;
  3. Promoting the scientifical and technological exchange between young and senior researchers of Operation Research and instigating a mutual knowledge that results in a collaborative work between them.

The subject of this School is going to be: “The Operation Research as a Science”
The main topics that will be considered on this School are:

  1. Linear Programming;
  2. Mixed Integer Programming;
  3. Non-linear Programming;
  4. Stochastic Programming;
  5. Graph Optimization;
  6. Applications (Logistics, Telecommunications, Energy, Public Services)

The official languages are: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

For more information, please visit http://www.uece.br/xvelavio/