Modelling and Simulation of Social-Behavioural Phenomena in Creative Societies (MSBC-2022)

2nd International & European Conference
September 21-23, 2022
Vilnius, Lithuania

The growing challenges of societal sustainability and cohesion are becoming more and more acknowledged worldwide. However, there is a conceptual and analytical gap in understanding the driving forces behind them.

Thorough multidisciplinary research efforts are in demand for making valuable contributions, starting from concepts and models, and ending with recommendation and decision support systems capable of contributing to the efficient global and Europe-wide social and environmental sustainable policy formation agendas.

Application of computational models to study issues in the social sciences and humanities has been undergoing rapid development during the last decades. The conference MSBC-2022 aims to create an open panel for the effective dialogue among researchers and practitioners interested in the integration of computer science and social science and humanities, focusing on data-driven operationalisation behind evidence-based decisions.

MSBC-2022 continues the purpose and main topics of the 1st International & EURO Mini Conference MSBC-2019.

Important Dates:
First call for papers: – November 30, 2021
Deadline for invited session proposals: – July 10, 2022
Early registration fee payment: – September 10, 2022
Registration and Abstract submission: – September 17, 2022
Conference: – September 21-23, 2022
Submission of Abstract of the paper for Springer Proceedings: – To be announced later
Paper submission to Springer Proceedings: – To be announced later
Paper acceptance notification: – To be announced later
Paper submission to a top-rated journal: February 28, 2023

We encourage those interested in the conference to submit their contributions on the following topics:

1. Computational Intelligence Applications in Social Sciences;
2. Modelling of Complex Societal Problems;
3. Experimental and Behavioural Economies in Creative Societies;
4. Concepts, Models and Measure- ment of Social Capital;
5. Multiagent Systems and Agent So- cieties;
6. Agent-Based Social Simulation Sys- tems;
7. Metrics of Social Cohesion and Sustainability;
8. Biometrical Technologies and Af- fective Computing;
9. Big Data and Optimisation in Social Networks;
10. OR and Ethics Understanding of the Dynamics of Social Processes;
11. Social Policy Modelling and Evidence-Based Decisions;
12. Globalization, Society Polarization, and Cultural Identity Issues;
13. Statistical Data Analysis in Social Research;
14. Social Processes in Health Care;
15. Web Content and Behaviour.

However, theoretical and applied contributions on other topics of modelling and simulation of social-behavioural phenomena in creative societies are also welcome.

Organisers of the Conference

Co-organising Institutions

Submitted papers will be published in Springer Conference Proceedings in series “Communications in Computer and Information Science”.

Participants can submit full papers on the conference topics for publication in the Special Issue of the top-rated journal Mathematics by MDPI.

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